Short moments


Small moments 2018-2023


Little moments around us

coming and going - never staying put.

With our memory, we can rewind and return to the moment

or paint it. Of course, Martin Reed with his singularity theories is dreaming

of time stasis outside of black holes,

but in time even that moment will fade away - I guess.

Last Man standing, 2022, watercolor on partly primed mdf, size 31x45cm
the world as conscious and aware requires us to do our part and

at the same time, the subconscious is ready to give us its part,

if only we open the door in that direction.


Narcissus, 2022-2023, watercolor on partly primed mdf, size 30x35cm
The reality around us is a state of constant enchantment and change - at its best that

continues in painting too - bringing out small moments.

Woman on the Beach, 2022, watercolor on partly primed mdf, size 24x48cm
"Small moments" are mainly located on our planet and a little outside of it as well. The main role is stolen by our earth and man. And different relationships between nature and people.
”Disappearing steps”, 2021, watercolor on mixed media and resin, size 40 x 55 cm
With all due respect to nature and remembering that we are part of nature, 

even if some asphalt hipsters try to claim otherwise...


Baby , 2022, mixed media and resin on mdf, size 24x40cm


War, 2022, watercolor on partly primed mdf, size 24x48cm



Night Time, 2023, mixed media and resin on mdf


Short moments, flashes of your life and coindicences you just see happening in your life. Sometime more as an outsider or insider but instants that somehow pass by and you just hang on as an observer. It is of course question of my subjective flashbacks and I hope there will be some which help You to find yours…

And the funny thing with these new works is that you can never now if you ruin your masterpiece and what is the shiny surface really like – so you just have to do it and then approve it or destroy it…