Petri Hytönen, born 1963, husband, father, grandfather, child, dog walker, visual artist, painter, former lecturer in painting, pretty calm but unpredictable if getting angry, outdoorsman, hiker, globetrotter, fitness swimmer, ball player, apparently dyslexic, verbally active, abroad as at home, a devotee of b-class movies, competitive, pretty ugly, social but not sociable, crust of snow skiing lust, lorry-card owner, member of Finnish basketballmen, Helsinki Artist Association, Porvoo Artist Association, Art Party Pravda, Finnish Painters Union, Teachers unempoyment fund, S-Bank and Jouman artistgroup, 110-115 kg, 191 cm long, cartoon lover, almost smokeless, wine-loving, aperitif-loving, digestif-loving, reasonably enjoying, nature loving, often hungry and thirsty.