”Limbo”, 2017, gallery Sinne and Pro Artibus office, Helsinki

Ceiling painting “Limbo” is placed in Gallery Sinne and Pro Artibus office roof.

It is made of molded polystyrene sheets, foam and on the top of them stretched extra wide cotton canvas which is painted with watercolors.

The work size is around 2.4 x 4 meters and is secured by wire with about 12 attachment points.

The theme “Limbo” derives its origins from medieval consolation for unbaptized children, divine pagans chance to ascend to heaven by waiting in this space in between , ”Limbo.”

The idea of Limbo is also a great example of human understanding and acceptance concerning humanity and diversity.


”Limbo”, ceiling painting, 2017, sixe 2,4 x 4 meters, placed in the roof of Pro Artibus office, Helsinki