Hytösen Suomi-ilmiö, 2009 – 2012

”The Finland Phenomenon” explores an image of Finland that cannot be seen from a photograph or video alone. It is a filtered image in which I attempt to combine multiple contextual levels and create a new kind of interpretation and image of Finland. A Finland in which new themes have emerged: the class society as a new phenomenon; man and nature; sports and its side-effects as an interpretation of society; and tradition in relation to the present. It is a kind of magic realism in which fantasy and realism are combined on different levels.
I conceived this series by sketching with photographs, video, text, drawings and paintings, but in such a way that the end result is nevertheless a painting.



The Dancers round the magical mushroom tree in the deepest forests of Finland, 2010-2011
water color on paper
224 x 150 cm



Ei-000, 2010, watercolor on paper, 133 x 172 cm



”Among Men”, 2011, watercolor, size 30 x 40 cm



Heja Finland!, 2011, water color on paper, 50 x 140 cm



Why this happens to us every time, time, time, 2011, watercolour on paper, size 100 x 200 cm




Jigging, 2011, water color on paper, size 159 x 280 cm



Smokecity, 2010, watecolor on paper, 135 x 176 cm




”Disappearing Traces”, 2011, watercolor, size 150 x 220 cm