There is no Life without Drawing.

Earlier works

Earlier Works consist of paintings made between 1987 -1996. Basic Technincs are Watercolor, Mixed Media, Collage and Marbling. Subjective and egocentric themes like "Kisses", "Me, You and other Relationships...", "Familylife" and "Unde venis-Quo vadis..".


Own Childhood mixed together with your Children’s Childhood is a description of everyday life with common and private memories. In spite of the Intimacy in the Theme "Family life" the Paintings have a quite general Nature. It could have happened in your home...


Joymen is a group of seven Finnish male artists. Working and discussing together we try to find out the laughter and joy. "To do what we cannot do" could be one of the group’s main slogans. Drawing in different forms is always in the background.


Children playing and constructing their image of the World we are living in. And after the playing you can see different acts of Play left over in all its Crudity, Fury, Passion and...

Meat & spirit

The materially Non-existing a non-living objects are elements for these paintings. Many spiritual objects and images are placed together with earthly and paganish creatures of our imaginary worlds. These juxtapositions are often seen as "good and evil", "childish and serious" etc...My own idea is just to represent them and to let you to read them as you wish.

Mother & child

Series called "Mother and Child" is telling about the development of a relationship between one mother and one child. It is also describing how the child's ego is developing and how mother's ego is changing with the growth of the child. During the process of these paintings our children were 2, 6 and 10 years old. -So the Angle of View is Fathers.

Motion paitings

To get two-dimensional things moving...- on a two-dimensional surface. And the whole idea of time coming into the.... That is something I am still working on...

Printouts and Painting

At his extensive exhibition at the Amos Anderson Art Museum in Helsinki in autumn 2004, Hytönen displayed his first works based on large inkjet printouts. The artist takes his own photographs and processes them with Photoshop on computer to “wipe clear” an empty space, where he paints after making a paper print of the photo. The exhibition in 2004 marked the beginning of a new path for Hytönen, who now takes the approach further with new works and motifs


Public & orders

"Summer 39-65" as an order is a mobile consisting of 9 different pieces The Pieces are on both Sidespainted Aluminiumplates floating in the Air.
The Idea was to bring back all the nostalgic, joyful and warm Memories of the perfect summers spent in my Grandparents House. The Images are based on Photographs found in the Attic of their House. ´The work is in Maikkula Library, Oulu, Finland.



The series "Silence" is about painting the Subconscious. Gestures, expressions and positions are results of waiting...what the silence is giving you.



Travelling and being away from the studio is not enjoyable without sketching.

Time travels

By making a work of art, an artist interprets the world and expresses a desire to tell us something in a particular way.  Petri Hytönen’s way is to form a single large narrative by combining several small stories. He collects ready-made images here and there, puts them together in his mind, and eventually individual images seem to find each other. Hytönen places suitable pictures side by side and begins to paint them on paper. The stories in the pictures form a multithreaded narrative with a beginning and an end, and at the end, he asks what the moral of the narrative is and then gives the answer. Hytönen’s style is sentimental, and he creates matching moods with light, purple colours and a soft-as-cotton surface that is produced by his unique watercolour style. The pictures of his stories may be cliché-like but the narratives themselves are very insightful, not just pretty pictures. Pathos, then, is an acceptable approach to the world.  This is how it is, if you want to believe it.


In toys we can see our hopes and needs sometimes clearer than in the real life. And in toys we are transmitting our models for the next generation - our children...